Rigging - Crane Rental - Custom Concrete

Harnum Industries -  Harnum Rigging- TheRigger.com, located in Salisbury, Massachusetts and Hampton, New Hampshire, provides state of the art rigging and millwright services throughout New England.  The Harnum family has been in business for over 70 years and we are fully experienced and insured. Our riggers, equipment and management team are on call anytime.

Harnum Industries, Ltd. is the original and longest serving Rigging Services Company under the name of Harnum. 

G.H. Harnum started in the rigging services business in 1933 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and his son Gordon succeeded him in the company that still stands today as Harnum Industries in Salisbury, MA. and Hampton, NH. 

Harnum Industries the original rigging services company is NOT in any way affiliated with WF Harnum Rigging and Millwright Services.  Read More


Harnum Rigging Services and Specialties

  • Millwright and Laser Alignment Services
  • Turnkey Plant Relocations
  • Cryogenic Storage Vessels
  • Boiler, Steam, and Air Handling Units
  • Paper Production Machinery
  • CNC and Precision Machinery 
  • Food and Beverage Equipment
  • Plastic Production Machinery
  • High Value and Museum Artifacts Specialty Rigging
  • Indoor and Outdoor Storage and Crating

Custom Concrete Services

  • Turnkey Foundation Pads for all Machinery
  • Loading Docks Construction and Repair
  • Pier Supports
  • Floor Drains, Pits, and FDA Curbing
  • Core Drilling
  • Floor Cutting
  • Custom Silo Pads
  • Concrete Floors

Crane Services

  • 22 to 240 Ton Hydraulic Cranes for all lifting needs

Steel Fabrication - Certified Welders

  • HVAC Roof Structures and Supports
  • Walkways, Decks, Stairs, and Handrails
  • Assembly of Pre-Fabricated Steel Buildings
  • Welding and Certified Welders


  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Straight Trucks
  • Step Deck Trailers
  • Double Drop Trailers
  • Vans with Full Logistics
  • Air Ride Equipment
  • Full Fleet of Fork Lifts
  • Ramp Trucks

Museum & Specialized Medical Rigging

  • TheRigger.com specializes in rigging, moving and assembly of multi-million dollar museum artifacts and displays.  We cater to curators, directors and members of the art community with care and expertise to bring special projects in on time and with complete confidence.

If you have equipment to Move, Rig, Transport or Relocate
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